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Holding Doctors Accountable

Doctors have a great deal of responsibility that rests on their shoulders: their day at work can save lives. But doctors are human beings, too. Sometimes a doctor misses a diagnosis or diagnoses a patient incorrectly. When this happens, illness can continue, sometimes creating irreversible and even fatal effects. Medical malpractice is the term used for the misdiagnosis of an illness or the failure to diagnose one.

These errors in the doctor’s judgment are costly and can lead to severe complications in the life of a patient. If you think you have been misdiagnosed or undiagnosed, contact The Law Office of Evan M. Altman. He has the personal injury experience you need to get the compensation you deserve.

Demonstrating Misdiagnosis

Medical misdiagnosis claims can be hard to prove. Such cases require the skill of a top-notch personal injury law firm that can gather all the necessary evidence and medical records to validate your case in court. In order to win a case like this, the victim or his or her family must be able to prove that the medical professional in question acted negligently.

Types Of Misdiagnosis

There are a number of ways a patient can be misdiagnosed. Examples include:

  • Failure to diagnose – Failing to properly and quickly diagnose an illness can lead to the death of a patient. At The Law Office of Evan M. Altman, our attorney is committed to helping clients understand their rights when they have received a misdiagnosis. One illness that comes up often in misdiagnosis cases is cancer. A misdiagnosis of cancer can include a diagnosis of the wrong type of cancer, the diagnosis of cancer when the illness is not cancer, and the failure to diagnose cancer when cancer is, in fact, present.
  • Misdiagnosis of a stroke or heart attack – Symptoms of a stroke or heart attack can resemble a host of other illnesses, such as muscle strain or gas. However, the symptoms require immediate attention from medical personnel to ensure that the illness is properly dealt with. Misdiagnosis, or failure to diagnose, in these cases can lead to irreversible complications such as paralysis or damaged heart tissue, or even the patient’s wrongful death.

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