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Peace of Mind Through Estate Planning

Estate planning allows you to anticipate the future and have a say in what happens after you are gone. When you write a will, your wishes become legally binding. You protect yourself and your loved ones’ inheritance.

Evan M Altman Attorney at Law can help you get your affairs in order or update your estate planning documents. Attorney Evan Altman has helped people of all walks of life, including business owners who want to pass on their businesses to the next generation. He also assists with the duties of estate administration if a family member has passed away.

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Personalized Documents that Cover the Bases

The problem with do-it-yourself estate planning kits is that they may be incomplete or non-compliant with Georgia law. A lawyer can help you customize your documents to address important scenarios and make sure they will hold up in court. Mr. Altman can help you with:

  • Last will and testament: This names your heirs and how you want your estate divided. A will can also nominate guardians for minor children.

  • Durable power of attorney: If you become incapacitated (due to injury, illness, or dementia), this gives your designated person the authority to manage your finances and business affairs, such as paying bills or signing legal documents.

  • Health care power of attorney: This empowers a spouse, adult child, or other trusted person to make medical decisions on your behalf.

  • Living will (advance directive): This spells out your specific instructions to doctors (and your family) regarding life support, heroic measures, and end-of-life scenarios.

  • Trusts: Not everyone needs a trust, but they are useful in achieving specific goals, such as protecting assets, avoiding probate, establishing the succession of a family business, or setting funds aside for family members with special needs.

Estate planning gives you assurance today that your loved ones will be cared for if you die or suffer a serious injury in an accident tomorrow.

Estate Administration and Probate

If you are nominated to close out the estate of a parent or other family member who has died, Mr. Altman can guide you through the list of your appointed tasks. This might include opening the estate in probate court, gathering the person’s assets, paying creditors, liquidating property, distributing the remainder to heirs, and handling the final accounting and reporting. If you live out of state, Mr. Altman can perform many tasks on your behalf or accomplish them by phone, mail, and email to reduce your number of trips to Georgia. He can also assist you if you have been asked to act as trustee for a trust.

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