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Social Security Disability
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If you are injured as a result of a workplace accident, you are likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. In addition to workers’ compensation, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Unfortunately, most people are turned down when they first apply for SSDI benefits. A lawyer can improve your chances of initial approval or successfully appealing a denied claim.

if you are preparing to file for SSDI benefits or if your disability claim has been denied, Evan M Altman Attorney at Law can help. Attorney Evan Altman handles both physical impairment and mental impairment claims for clients in the Atlanta area and northern Georgia. Call us for a free consultation. In addition, if your disability is the result of an accident, he can assist you with your personal injury claim.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer to Claim Disability?

You are not required to hire an attorney. But SSDI is complex, and it is much more difficult to get approved without legal help. An attorney can assist at any stage of the process, including:

  • Initial application: Many people are turned down because their paperwork is incomplete or their claims do not match the medical criteria. Mr. Altman can help you document your diagnosis and disabling symptoms and fill out the application properly.

  • Reconsideration: If your claim is denied, you can ask the Social Security Administration (SSA) for an official review of your case. An attorney can help you update your files to reflect medical treatment or new evidence to improve your chances.

  • ALJ hearing: You can request a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ) who only handles SSDI cases. This is your chance to tell your story to a live person. Mr. Altman will prepare you for the questions the judge will ask, and he can cross-examine the SSA experts who are trying to poke holes in your claim.

  • Appeals: If the ALJ rules against you, you can take your claim to the SSA’s Appeals Council to overturn the judge’s decision. If the Appeals Council turns you down, your last chance is to file an appeal in federal court.

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How Do I Know If I Am Eligible For Disability Benefits?

The SSA has a list of recognized impairments, both physical and mental. You must prove that your disability meets the medical criteria for a specific condition and prevents you from working. If you are age 50 or older, you may get special consideration. The SSA recognizes that older workers with disabilities have a harder time finding jobs or sustaining employment, especially in manual labor jobs.

Don’t assume your case will be turned down if it doesn’t perfectly match an SSA listing. Don’t give up if your claim has been denied. Mr. Altman can help you document a qualifying impairment (or a combination of impairments) and present that information favorably in your application, hearing, or appeal.

What Does It Cost To Hire An SSDI Lawyer?

It costs you nothing upfront. Evan Altman offers a free initial consultation to discuss your disability application or claim denial. If he is successful in helping you win benefits, he is paid a percentage of your disability backpay. This amount is capped by federal law so that most of the money goes to you.

If your appeals are not successful, you do not owe any legal fees. And remember, without an attorney, your odds of getting approved are much lower.

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Mr. Altman is an experienced and compassionate attorney who will do everything he can to help you get the disability benefits you need. Whether you are seeking workers’ compensation or SSDI benefits, he will always give you honest answers and keep you informed about the progress of your case. To schedule your free consultation, call us or contact him online.