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Truck Accident Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

What Are Your Rights After a Truck Accident?

Atlanta personal injury attorney Evan M. Altman has been representing the victims and family members of those injured and killed in commercial truck collisions for over three decades. He has extensive experience representing victims in this unique sector of personal injury litigation.

It’s an established fact that most accidents involving commercial trucks result in injuries. Truck accidents are different from regular auto accidents. If your car is struck by a commercial vehicle with 10 times its mass, the chance of the passengers in your vehicle sustaining moderate to severe injuries is substantial. Evan M. Altman has a proven record of success in obtaining large settlements and jury awards for truck crash victims.

Be Wary of Settlement Offers

Companies that own and utilize trucks and other commercial vehicles know that their drivers will occasionally have accidents and that some of those accidents will result in injuries to others. That’s why they employ teams of claims adjusters and litigation attorneys to help mitigate their liability. If you are injured in a truck accident where the commercial vehicle driver is at fault, a claims adjuster or attorney will more than likely be dispatched to the scene of the crash. They may offer you a settlement on the spot in exchange for your signing away your right to seek further compensation. Don’t negotiate with or accept a settlement from an insurance company without talking to attorney Evan M. Altman. Initial offers to settle are usually a fraction of what you would receive if you retain the services of your own personal injury lawyer.

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Full Recovery Through Personal Injury Litigation

If you or your loved one has been injured in a commercial vehicle or truck accident in Atlanta or anywhere else in Georgia, you may incur expenses due to hospitalization, surgery, doctor visits, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, and property damage.

An initial settlement from an insurer won’t come close to covering the exorbitant costs of a moderate to severe crash injury. Having a seasoned litigation attorney, like Evan M. Altman, on your side, ensures your best chance at realizing a full recovery through negotiation or litigation.

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